Flesh-All Foredom Unit
New and Improved

Looking to reduce the noise in your shop? Then the Foredom Unit is for you! It's much more quiet than the air model, it's lighter and great for the detail work on most any hide. Many taxidermists choose to have both the air model and the Foredom on hand. Why? Well, the air flesher is great for heavier hides and it has a little more power than the Foredom, but the lighter Foredom unit reduces hand fatigue, excels in the detail areas and is still very capable of fleshing and thinning entire hides.

The Flesh-All Foredom Unit is basically the same as before, however we have made some changes. It will use the same exact components as our original air model. The only difference is the hand-piece.

Your new Foredom Unit will connect to any standard Foredom tool motor with no problem.


  • The components of the Air Flesher will only fit on the Foredom Hand-piece we sell,
    it has been altered to accept these components.

  • Foredom Unit attached to motor
    (Motor Sold Separately)